Community Wellbeing and Safety

Tenant Safety

West Broadway Community Organization (WBCO) recognizes that personal wellbeing often begins with housing stability. We offer tenants one on one consultations with WBCO’s in-house Tenancy Support worker, and a number of resources aimed at evaluating and improving conditions in rental units. The following are some of the services available.

Tenancy Improvement Program

Tenancy Improvement is an eviction prevention program helping West Broadway residents maintain and improve tenancies. Our staff works with tenants and landlords to identify and resolve conflicts, to better understand their rights and responsibilities, and to help navigate related public systems like the Residential Tenancies Branch.

Safety Auditing for buildings, blocks, and businesses

If you live in a building that poorly managed or maintained, if you are witnessing unlawful or threatening activity or if you or a neighbour is at risk of criminal activity, we can help you audit your physical surroundings and offer practical suggestions for reducing potential harms.

Tenants meeting tenants

WBCO can help you connect with your neighbours, to support one another and resolve conflict. You are not alone, especially in a densely populated community where thousands of people live, work, and volunteer. If you are concerned about something in our neighbourhood chances are your neighbours are feeling similar concerns.