If you are facing an eviction, don’t panic and don’t move out!

There are many steps in an eviction. You have rights as a tenant.

  1. The landlord must issue a Notice of Termination. You do not need to move out by the date indicated. You can still attempt to negotiate repayment options. Reach out to us for help.
  2. The landlord must apply to the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB) for an Order of Possession.
  3. Once the Order of Possession is granted, a hearing will be scheduled to decide if the eviction will go ahead.
  4. At the hearing, you can go into a mediation to negotiate a repayment plan with your landlord, or you can present your case to an RTB Hearing Officer.

Reach out to us for help communicating with your landlord, understanding your rights, and preparing for your hearing. Email, or call/text (204) 334-9930.