Housing Initiatives

West Broadway Housing Plan Coordination

The 2021-2026 Plan is the fifth of its kind in West Broadway, documenting the hopes and priorities of hundreds of community members, and captured in a year’s worth of consultation efforts. West Broadway Community Organization continues to work with partner organizations, housing providers, developers, the three levels of government, and tenants groups to promote local planning goals and ensure a strong community voice in public decision making.

2021-2026 Plan

With generous support from the Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, WBCO, and the Project Steering Committee representing the many demographics and unique perspectives of the neighbourhood, WBCO is pleased to present the 2021-2026 Neighbourhood Housing Plan. LAHRK Consultants were hired by the Steering Committee to conduct an extensive consultation and research effort.

The 2021-2026 Housing Plan is available here:

WB 2021 Housing Plan

The 2021-2026 Housing Plan Executive Summary is available here:

WB 2021 Housing Plan Executive Summary