Housing Initiatives

West Broadway Housing Plan Coordination

A new Five-Year Neighbourhood Housing Plan will be released in 2021, the fifth of its kind in West Broadway, documenting the hopes and priorities of hundreds of community members, captured in a year’s worth of consultation efforts. WBCO continues to work with partner organizations, housing providers, developers, the three levels of government, and tenants groups to promote local planning goals and ensure a strong community voice in public decision making.

Current Plan: West Broadway 2014 – 2019

With generous support from the Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, WBCO and a project steering committee representing the many demographics and unique perspectives of the neighbourhood, began a planning process in early 2014. LAHRK Consultants were hired by the steering committee to conduct an extensive consultation and research effort, culminating in the launch of a Five-Year Housing Plan for West Broadway on June 19, 2014. The final edition of this plan is available here:

After a decade of significant investment, there are encouraging signs that housing is becoming safer and healthier, and that property values are increasing. Yet there remains a critical need for focused housing efforts in the community. Many local residents remain below low-income cut-offs, are spending more than 30 percent of their household income on housing, and are considered in ‘core housing need’. Core housing need is defined by unsuitable accommodations, inadequate conditions, and unaffordable costs. Addressing these needs, reducing transience, and improving neighbourhood stability remain priorities.

“Almost everyone cited having good neighbours and cotenants as essential to the quality of their housing. Most people expressed how much they appreciated the good people in their neighbourhood and wanted to invest more efforts in community building where they felt there were gaps.” — Excerpt from WB Housing Plan 2014 - 2019