Greenspaces and the Environment


Compost is simply decayed organic matter — and "organic matter" is a pretty wide-ranging label. A log can be organic matter, but so can a carrot top or egg shells. When you mix organic matter together in a compost pile, it breaks down naturally into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that helps gardens grow.

West Broadway Community Organization has installed a total of 26 compost bins at 6 sites throughout the neighbourhood. Community members are welcome to drop off organic waste at these sites, which are maintained by WBCO summer staff and many volunteers. Harvested compost helps maintain fertile soil for our gardens and divert thousands of kilograms of methane gas from landfill sites.

Tips for Community Composting

  • Chop large food waste into smaller pieces
  • Scoop a shovel full of leaves (from leaf bins on site) on top of the compost to help keep smells down
  • No meat, dairy products, bones or oils please!
  • No compostable bags or cups/dishware. These items need industrial compost systems in order to break down properly