Community Wellbeing and Safety

Workshops and Information Sessions

While West Broadway’s crime rate has improved steadily over the past 15 years, there are still occasional spikes and there are lasting concerns. West Broadway community members continue to prioritize ‘improved safety’ in neighbourhood consultations and many express that our community’s approach to unlawful or destructive behaviour should be a caring one as opposed to punitive. Creating and employing strategies to improve wellbeing and prevent crime requires that we consider the root causes of local conflicts as well as best practices from many jurisdictions, choosing a way forward that is evidence based and appropriate to this community and to individual circumstances. WBCO hosts numerous workshops throughout the year, many exploring issues and strategies relating to community safety and personal wellbeing. If you would like to attend an upcoming workshop or if you have an idea for one, please contact WBCO and keep an eye on the events page for details.