Housing Initiatives

Tenant Advice Service

The tenant advice project is a drop-in service that allows all West Broadway tenants to meet in person with our advisor regarding their tenancy issues. These might include notice of rent increases, maintenance, pest control, eviction, and other questions related to tenancy rights and responsibilities and housing services.

The Tenant Advice Project can help by:

  • Having one- on-one sessions with tenants to help find solutions to tenancy issues.

  • Offering office supports and materials such as typing, printing, scanning, and emails.

  • Helping tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act and the processes to enact rights through the Residential Tenant Branch.

  • Providing information about bed bug treatment and prevention supplies.

  • Informing and supporting tenants to navigate systems related to their tenancy such as Employment and Income Assistance, Manitoba Hydro, and 311.

The Tenant Advisor can be reached by call or text at 431-336-6065. You can also send email at [email protected]