Community Organizing

Community Asset Support

As a Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation, one of West Broadway Community Organization’s central roles is to ensure that neighbourhood assets are utilized to their highest and best purpose, as defined by consultation and planning efforts. WBCO works to support community facilities, manage green spaces, inform infill developments, encourage investment in housing stock, and address gaps or deficiencies in infrastructure or amenities. Much of this is merely supporting partners to continue the good work they are doing but WBCO representatives continually monitor neighbourhood activity and offer assistance when necessary. WBCO is represented on numerous boards, working groups and committees throughout the neighbourhood, insuring that the goals and priorities of West Broadway’s consultations and plans are considered at every step.

A few of WBCO’s current efforts include:

  1. WBCO owns and manages 545 Broadway. We were conscious to rent the main floor of the building as a commercial storefront to continue re-establishing a presence for local businesses on Broadway after decades of vacancy and non profit occupancy. The second and third floors are now occupied by the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network and the West Broadway BIZ. WBCO continues to utilize the basement for programming storage and the front yard is being converted for use as a permaculture garden, led by Elder Audrey Logan, one of Manitoba’s leading experts on traditional Indigenous agricultural practices. WBCO is also working with Westminster Housing Society to develop affordable rental housing on the property
  2. Recognizing the long-term importance of Crossways in Common as a community hub and programming facility, WBCO moved its offices into the building in September 2019, joining Wolseley Family Place who also moved in at that time. WBCO has established supportive presence, assisting with fundraising efforts, sitting on several committees, launching and managing a new Community Liaison position, and exploring possibilities for future programming with the many partners housed on site.
  3. WBCO has enjoyed a long and meaningful partnership with the West Broadway BIZ, which has led to many strong outcomes over the past decade. From sharing a building to sharing staff and programming, West Broadway is a rare example of genuine collaboration between social and economic interests. WBCO helped to found and continues to attend the BIZ’s Committee of Urban Thinking Committee. The BIZ provides annual funding support to WBCO’s community wellbeing initiatives and events. Both organizations communicate regularly, working together to represent West Broadway interests at external tables.
  4. WBCO owns or manages seven community green spaces in the neighbourhood. Fundraising has begun to conduct an in-depth consultation and planning effort to assess neighbourhood priorities around land use, food security, sustainability, active transportation, and green space management. This new Green Plan for West Broadway is set to be completed by mid 2022.