Good Food Club


Members of the Good Food Club contribute a small membership fee to the club each year. In return they have free unlimited access to all Good Food Club programming. Memberships are renewed every July 1st but new members are welcomed year round!

How to become a member

Membership Levels

Active Membership ($5.00 per year)
For members who are in need of a little extra support. This includes members on assistance, students, single parent households, etc.

Supporting Membership ($25.00 per year)
This membership is for people considered middle-income. If you are able to support the Good Food Club by making a $25 contribution we urge you to do so. You will get a tax receipt at tax time.

Organizational / Business Membership ($50.00 per year)
This is for large organizations that will have multiple people benefitting from membership. You will get a tax receipt at tax time.

All membership dues support the Good Food Club and help us provide so many great programs and events throughout the year! Donations above and beyond your membership dues will be graciously accepted at any time!

Thank you for your support!