Good Food Club

Good Food Club Events

The Good Food Club holds many events throughout the year - most events are free, and many are drop-in, no registration required!

More about GFC events:

  • Community Dinners

    The Good Food Club hosts a number of large scale community dinners through the winter months each year. Our volunteers come together to prepare, and serve a nutritious meal members of the West Broadway Community, while guests socialize and meet their neighbours while enjoying their meal and entertainment.

  • Cooking Classes & Workshops

    The Good Food Club offers a variety of free cooking classes and skill building workshops to members throughout the year. Examples of recent workshops and classes: chair yoga and meditation exercise class, Social Distancing Club, art therapy, gardening workshop series, healthy cooking on a budget, salad dressing and salad cooking class, and more!

  • Exercise Classes

    The Good Food Club hosts a number of exercise classes, including Chair Yoga and Meditation, and Back to Balance: Balance Training, each month. The exercises are specifically geared toward older adults, and people with mobility limitations, although everyone is welcome to attend. Exercises are gentle and take place seated in a chair or standing – participants will not have to get down on the floor if unable to do so.

  • Farm Trips

    The Good Food Club hosts field trips out to local farms from June to September. Farm trips are a great opportunity for participants to get out of the city for the day, learn about local food production and small-scale farming, and enjoy the company of their neighbours. If spending a day out of the city learning about small-scale farming interests you, please join us on a farm trip!

  • Healthy Seniors & Friends

    The Good Food Club's Healthy Seniors & Friends Group meets monthly to discuss member concerns, hopes for the future, current issues and events in the community, and existing resources. All are welcome.

  • Markets

    The Good Food Club Hosts West Broadway Farmers' Market outdoors in the warmer months, and the Good Food Club Mini Market indoors in the colder months. For more information on our markets please click here.

  • GFC Social Gatherings

    Participants of the ‘Good Food Club meet regularly for a number of fun social events aimed at bringing folks together, and building a sense of support and belonging within our community. Some event examples include: Social Club, Spring Tea, Winter Wellness events, Valentine's Day Self-Care Event, Birthday Party for Everyone, and more! Check the GFC calendar or events page regularly for more details on each event.