Good Food Club

Food Box FAQ

What is a Good Food Box?

A good food box is a prepackaged selection of healthy fruits and vegetables. The produce is purchased in bulk, allowing for decreased box prices for everyone.

What size boxes are available, and how much do they cost?

Boxes come in the following sizes:

  • INDIVIDUAL ($8.00)
  • MEDIUM ($15.00)
  • LARGE/FAMILY ($20.00)

How often can I get a box?

Good food boxes are available every 2 weeks during the fall, winter and spring months.

Where do I order my good food box?

If you are a Good Food Club member, or live in the area you can order your box through us. Please visit the Good Food Box section of the website to place your order.

What if I have limited access to the internet?

If you are unable to order your box on our online ordering form please email us at [email protected], or call the office at (204) 774-7201 ext 6. If we do not answer please leave a message stating your name, phone number, and what size box you would like.

When do I need to order by?

The deadline to order your box is the THURSDAY BEFORE the box day at 11:00am.

Can I order a box through the Good Food Club all year long?

No. Please note that we will only be a depot during the fall/winter/spring months (October to June). During the summer months please come out to West Broadway Farmers' Market during the summer months to enjoy the fresh local produce we provide.

Who is eligible for good food box delivery?

Please be aware that delivery is reserved for those with mobility issues, or have other special considerations. If you are a new member wishing to have your box delivered please contact us directly at (204) 774-7201 ext 6.

When and where do I pick up my box?

You pick up your box at our Good Food Club Mini Market, which is located at the gym in Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (185 Young Street) between 3:00 and 5:30pm on the designated Wednesday you ordered your box for.

What if I forget to pick up my box?

Please email ([email protected]) or call our office as soon as you realize you have missed the pickup (204-774-7201 ext 6) and leave a message letting us know if you would still like to pick up your Good Food Box. We cannot guarantee that we will have the space or ability to store your Good Food Box overnight, but sometimes we are able to arrange for unclaimed Good Food Boxes to be picked up from our office at 748 the following day. Good Food Boxes not picked up by the end of day Thursday will be given away.

If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to pick up your box at the designated time please call our office to make alternate arrangements asap.

Please be aware that if you do not pick up your box, and do not contact our office, you will still be obligated to pay for your box.

How do I pay for my box?

Because we often have trouble with people ordering boxes and then forgetting to pick them up we have switched to a “pay when you order system.” This will hopefully cut down on the number of boxes forgotten and allow us to spend this money on programming, instead of paying for extra boxes.

You have 3 options to pay for your box:

  1. Pay in advance ( ie: when you order your box) before the ordering deadline by stopping by the office (222 Furby St).
  2. Pay online through PayPal in advance (i.e., when you order your box) before the ordering deadline using our ordering page.
  3. Order and pay for your next box when you pick up your box at the Mini Market.

Please note that due to COVID-19, the Good Food Club office is not open to drop-ins at this time.

Can I choose what comes in my box?

No, unfortunately we are not able to accommodate individual food preferences as we make the boxes in such large quantities. But you do have options! If you don’t like something that came in your box ask a friend or other GFC member if they would like to make a trade. You can also leave the item with the GFC as a donation. We will then give your donation to a member in need. If you see a food in your box that is unfamiliar to you, ask us about it! We are always happy to help.

Will I know what is in my box in advance?

It’s a surprise! Unfortunately we can’t tell you what will be in your box in advance because the Good Food Club team doesn’t actually know what will be available until box day. On the day of the market we go to different wholesale stores and see what is available at the lowest prices. What is available is luck of the draw. We do try to get a variety of both fruits and vegetables that are good quality. We also try to get some different things each week. Most people enjoy the surprise box, but if it is not for you there will be a limited quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale on the market table as well. Come early for more variety!

What do I do with the bags that my vegetables come in?

Please bring your bags back to us next time you pick up your box. The bags will be washed and reused. This helps keep good food box costs down.

What is a Mini Market?

A mini market is a small farmer’s market – like event that we hold during box pickup times. Bring a little extra cash with you when you come to pick up your box and help support some of our local vendors selling items such as: fresh made bread, homemade beauty products, local honey, and jams and preserves. We also have a limited amount of fresh fruits and vegetables available to purchase at discount prices. The market is located in the gym of Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (185 Young) on box days from 3-6pm. If you are interested in becoming a vender at our mini market please contact us at (204) 774-7201 ext 6.

What are Sweat Points?

Sweat Equity Points, or Sweat Points for short, are given out to members in return for their volunteer efforts with the Good Food Club. Members receive 10 points per hour that they volunteer. These points are tracked by the GFC. One sweat point = $1.00 that you can use to help pay for healthy foods.

What can I spend my Sweat Points on?

  • To receive a discounted price for community dinners.
  • To receive a discounted price on Good Food Boxes during the winter months. The first box of each month is designated as a Sweat Points Box. This means those of you who have accumulated sweat points can use them to pay for a portion of your box. When using sweat points the good food boxes prices are as follows:
    • INDIVIDUAL BOX: $2.00 ( this will use up 6 of your sweat points, 2+6=$8)
    • MEDIUM BOX: $3.00 (this will use up 12 of your sweat points, 3+12=$15)
    • LARGE/FAMILY BOX: $4.00 (this will use up 16 of your points, 4+16=$20)

***sweat points may be used to pay for a portion of one good food box per month.

I have more sweat points than I will ever use. Can I donate some of my sweat points to others in need?

YES! Just let us know you would like to donate your points. Your points will be donated to members who are identified as the most in need. These members may be ill, have issues that do not allow them to work, have mobility issues, or have large families that need a helping hand.