Housing Initiatives

Tenant Organizing

WBCO takes an empowerment approach to helping tenants network and organize with their neighbours. Tenant associations are effective ways to break down isolation, to address tenancy issues as a group, and to lobby for policy change. They're also protected by law under section 22.1 of the Residential Tenancies Regulations:

A landlord must not

(a) prevent the formation of a tenants' association;

(b) prevent a tenants' association from meeting in the common areas of the residential complex; or

(c) impose unreasonable conditions regarding the operation of a tenants' association

How does West Broadway Community Organization support tenant associations?

WBCO's Tenant Organizer can help by:

  • Providing information on tenancy rights and responsibilities.

  • Offering facilitation and outreach support to start a tenant association

  • Providing tenant associations with access to meeting space, printing, and administrative support

  • Connecting tenants with the West Broadway Tenants Committee, the Right to Housing coalition, and other advocacy groups.

Please Note: as a WBCO initiative, the Tenant Organizer prioritizes support to tenant associations in West Broadway, but will support other initiatives as capacity allows.